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About us

The company's operations

Mankinen Oy was founded in 1957,family-owned companythat carriesliquid andgaseousproducts in Finland,Sweden and Norway.Transportableproducts, about 80% are classified as dangerous. Annualapproximately 4million. net sales consist ofGoods tons transportedin addition toforwardingof containersinsidewashes,servicing, surveys,productsfor heating andstorage. Net salesof about 30% is classified asan export.Transport equipmentmaintenancetake care ofour subsidiariesTankServiceFinland Oy.

Contract customers

The largestcontractcustomers areTeboilOyAb, HaanpaaLtd, WoikoskiOy, OyMoonway. Our services areused by alloperating in Finland,tankcontaineroperators
andliquid productscarrying thetransport companies.



  • office Hamina Uusi-summa
  • personnel 30 – 32
  • turnover n. 4 MEUR
  • 14 semitrucks
  • approx 1 million kilometers annually
  • approx 201 000 tn annually
  • approx 3000 pc liquid containers washes
  • approx 200 pc tank surveys
  • approx. 500 hrs heating containers annually
  • storage services approx. for 100 liquid containers annually