Liquid transports

Our business has just started heating and transport of fuels, of which we have a solid experience. In cooperation with Teboil Oy distribute fuels mm. the municipal real estate, private households and traffic tarpeeisiin. Schedule flexible specifications of individual customers.

 Teollisuuden raaka-aineiden kuljetus

We transport fuels, as well as industrial raw materials and chemicals for the chemical industry. We ship by air described in example the chemicals needed for many of the aviation industry companies and a variety of raw materials for the food industry.

 ADR -transports

We have participated in ADR-transport since 1957, and, increasingly, we transport are also many non-classified substances. The proper equipment and skilled drivers, we can guarantee the safe supply.

 Heating services for containers

Hamina locations we can take care of appropriate devices for tank-containers of heating to the desired temperature. As a rule, the containers are heated with water, glycol, or steam.

 Repairing and maintenance services

Perform the tank-caused light damage service as valves or dampers mountain fix. We also take care of tank-containers for periodic inspections required actions: for example, the seals replacing and installing the weather decks.

 Packaging and warehouse services

In addition, we perform our offices to a customer's desired product astioinin intermediate bulk containers, and those containers tanks. However, the limited storage space, we ask the customer to fit the space bookings early enough.

 Tank Services

We repair damaged containers, patchy in parts of the installation, (seals, mailing tubes, etc.), we also do a cost estimate if necessary.
We also do repairs to the most demanding, such as valve replacements, etc.
Unloading valves pressure testing
Containers and road tankers heating by electricity, steam, and lämminvesikierrolla, tarkkaillemme, if necessary, the development of temperature 24/7
We also offer storage containers is wash
Opening hours Monday to Friday from 07.00 to 22.00
Cleaning service telephone number 050 441 65 81
If necessary, including weekends by appointment